Brand Re-Fresh
Blissfully Better wanted to give their growing company a brand re-fresh. Internally, they re-designed their logo and refined their various products' packaging. I was tasked with a larger overall project. To review their newly refined graphics, come up with a way for their branding to reflect both packaging styles they utilize, and bring a sense of modernity to their branding. This brand re-fresh will be utilized on presentations, marketing materials, expo materials, and in their website.
They wanted their new re-freshed brand to read as a premium, natural, feminine, and modern brand.
Preliminary moldboard created to help guide the new refreshed look incorporating elements from both their packaging styles. Combining the dots, the illustrated cocoa beans, and a refined color palette with new image stylization helped create a new look for this brand that will now successfully reach their target demographic.
This leave behind was maximized to increase its efficiency. It was transformed to increase its advertising space and sell-ability. The front page became a billboard for the brand and the back incorporated all their products with scalable UPC codes.
Website Re-design
Blissfully Better needed to do a total website re-design using their new branding styles. Working collaboratively with the Blissfully Better team and their web-designer, we created this beautiful new layout.
Blissfully Better needed website wireframes created for all of their pages. Once the wireframes were approved, we moved on to creating the graphic style of each paged based off the new branding style created. Visit their website to view how this above template came to life.
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