Leona Xidas
Growing up, I basically lived in my local craft store. I spent hours running up and down each aisle to find my next craft or hobby. From jewelry making, to painting, to even soap making, I tried it all. Now at age 27, there aren’t many crafts out there that I haven’t tried. While I’m eternally grateful to my parents for providing me all those outlets, it turns out that all those years of endless nights dabbling with glue sticks and glitter, I was searching for an outlet to truly challenge my creativity.​​​​​​​
When I went to college, I thought my passions would drive me in the direction of law. That’s right, this craft nerd wanted to become a lawyer. But with a weird twist of fate, my paintings landed me into a Visual Communications major. The minute I found out I could make a career out of my creativity, I was IN! My passion blossomed as soon as I learned I can turn my creativity into my forever career in Graphic Design.
Through the years, my skills have evolved and grown into a library that offers my clients a wide variety of solutions. With each client I work with, I challenge myself to take steps to learn something new that will only benefit my clients. I work with many companies across the US as a freelancer as well as currently working as a Creative Lead of a national food brand, Botticelli Foods.
Outside of my career, I love spending time in my kitchen cooking up new ideas, spending time with my family, and most of all, living life.

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